The „DrinkUp“ game is a world´s nonpareil. Up to three players can join the game – as the game starts they are able to choose from several game modes. Experience the entertainment in the company of your acquaintances or strangers in the form of an interactive competition. You can introduce a drink discount, material prize or promotional item as a reward.



Interactive floor combines your movement and the action beneath your feet. Impress your future customers with an interactive floor navigation or your logo moving on the ground.
It works on a basis similar to interactive wall, with the only difference in projection place. Let something unexpected to happen under your customer´s feet. Ordinary floor will turn into the luminous one and they will be the part of the action. From flying leaves, ice cracking and advertisement to navigation to a certain point.



Interactive floor combines your movement and the action that is taking place on the wall – depending on the movement of a person or a group of people standing in front of the wall or a canvas. Catch the stars, change your body filling to a logo of your company, or just dance, have some fun and observe the projection of your body contours.


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